Hot to trot but the animal is wrong!

I have been excited, for longer than I can be sure of, to write online.  I am wanting to interact with others about what goes on in my mind and my heart, and then hear from those who would be interested enough to read it.  Thus, . . . I am hot to trot.  The animal referenced in the title of this post, and who bears the name, Maxine, in the blog title, is a feline.  I am willing to quickly disabuse you of thinking I refer to the equine family, even though I admire, delight in and enjoy their strength and beauty and value to our human family.  I find myself not so eager to disclose the human creature, besides myself, to whom most of my references will be.  Perhaps, you might amuse yourself with seeing who you might think I speak of.

As for myself, I had it pointed out to me the latter part of 1991, by a therapist I went to see referencing my marriage, “it doesn’t surprise me you have a thinking disorder,” that my thinking was, well, disordered.  That now, puts twenty years behind me, trying to understand how he came upon the knowing of it so quickly, what that really means, and how to deal with it and be, is that at all likely?, normal.

I do a lot of living in my head and I am feeling, I was going to say ravenous, but you might accept, anxious, better, to see if the situation I currently find myself in is common to anyone else.  I speak on the level of feeling, more than experience.  I am certain that mine is not all that uncommon an experience.  I am torn with hoping I am not alone in feeling the way I feel about it, as for the most part, I see how ignoble I am.  As I know that I will share my efforts to be a better being as I go along.  Feel free to reach out and help, so long as you can do so without completely obliterating me.


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