Basically, ALL you need to know — for reals

Alright.  You have no presence.  You are not going to share yourselves with me.  I have to tell you I am relieved, at least, to a degree.  I no longer have to worry what you think of me.
I don’t have to be careful not to offend your sensibilities.  I can say anything I wish and not worry
that I am revealing too much.  Phewww!  I had no idea what an albotross that was around my neck.  Here, I’d been worrying about not being able to take back anything I’d put out on the net, and there is
absolutely nothing to worry about.  No one is ever going to read a word of it anyway.  That should take
care of any fear I’m experiencing or could imagine.  Yeah.  No worries.  No worries, indeed!
Alrighty, then.  What to write.  I believe in writing.  I believe in the power of writing.  I believe writing can clarify, stimulate, inspire, expel, expunge.  I believe writing can heal.  If it is to be my lot in life to have no one read my writing, how can I use my writing just for myself?  I must say, I sit here feeling embarrassed.  I really had no idea how pervasive the idea is to me that I have an audience.
If, and, of course, I know, this is a big if, but if, I do have an audience; if there is a basis for my
feeling that I do, who is that audience?  No earthly, hmmm, no earthy, beings, then who?
What if, my audience were folks I think often about, but no longer see?  Maybe never have seen?  People who have moved on.  People who were moved on, to other realms, whether they wanted
to be or not.  Realms, what are realms, other than something found in scriptures or hymns?
Ah!  One of the truly enjoyable aspects of the internet is knowing I can find out, quickly, the answers to the questions I come up with.  That was easy and satisfying.
A few posts back I said I would help you, that that was the purpose of what I had shared.  I mentioned needing to fit in another couple of posts first.  Truth be told, I’m not sure exactly what I had in mind to fit in between.  I just know I was scared.  I was afraid.  Now that I have faced the reality
that no one is reading me, no one following, no need to fear.  And so I am simply going to tell it out.  Why?  It helps me, and I find I am worthy of help.
Honestly, this is one of the most helpful things I have learned in my life.  I am harkening back to 1987, so you may be sure that I have reviewed  the benefits many times over.  It is so simple.  And,
I have told others.  Occasionally, I am speaking with someone who has used something similar
enough that our conversation has familiarity to it.  Most of the time, I receive a sense of tossing pearls before swine.  Clearly, the value I place on what I am about to share is high.  How others see it usually
disappoints.  Nonetheless, here goes.  I’ll simply call it cancelling.  [Oh, I have to add a side note here.
It came to mind that I should search the term on Google and as I did I honestly thought I’d find something in the 11 million plus results that turned out to be 86 pages and two entries on an 87th.
No dice.]  This does not come from me, however gloriously it aids me.  I’d like to give credit where credit is due but I have lost track.  Just know someone other than I deserves excellent credit.
Some things in our thinking needs abrupt slicing and dicing right out of our brains.  No doubt I will go back to that 1987 setting, at some point, and share, share, share, but for now, just the rudiments.
When I find myself in temper (do not mistake the ferocity that can be) and grasp (which I
need to finesse) that I, and worse, worse, worse, my behavior are spinning wildly out of control; the absolute best thing I can do is cancel (OK, I actually say (to myself) (silently) (distinctly) (for reals) “cancel” ten times, with a mental nod at the offending thoughts, mental verbiage. That’s it.  If I am yet assailed again of the offending thought (or similar), more canceling.  That’s basically it.  Being who I am, I, of course, do have more that I will say; but truly, that’s basically it.

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