Gosh dang it all to effin H E double toothpicks!

     Well, if that don’t beat all!  I’ve heard of females menses syncing up after a period of time living together.  I don’t wanna even go there, now that I’ve (cheekily) thought I could (probably) (oh, for sure) SEARCH females, or any two or more people syncing up their dotaginess.    I’m taking the long way around to getting to it, but I seem to be experiencing more, and more serious, senior moments since being here with Maxine.  That added to the stress and the exhaustion . . . .  Well, let me tell you what a relief it was to SEARCH Alzheimer’s temper this morning and find a site wherein these, oh, too familiar things are mentioned:

bizarre behavior, bad temper, raging

My ______ had always been 90 percent wonderful, but boy-oh-boy, that temper was a doozy. . . . never turned . . . on me before, but then again_I’d never gone against ___ wishes . . . .

. . . said __ loved me one minute, but then ____get furious over some trivial little thing and use profanity to call me the worst names and throw me out of the house the next.  . . . stunned to see ___ get so upset over ridiculous things.

. . . flabbergasted that ___ could act normal when necessary.  I could not believe it when the doctor looked at me as if I was the crazy one.  . . . because I was “just a (bleep) liar” ____ and all I wanted was ___ money!  (Boy, I wish ___ had some.)

demented does not mean stupid  [[muuuuhahahaha]]

still socially adjusted to never show “Hyde” side to anyone outside the family     [[sheesh, one could only hope that I could pull that off as well!  Why I showed up as Hype at two social occasions just this week!]]

absolutely amazing still so “manipulative” and “crafty”

Once … brain chemistry … better balanced, I was able to optimize nutrition and fluid intake with much less resistance.

     Thanks, Jacqueline Marcell, for sharing the above.  You have certainly helped me feel less alone, more human, more ok, and like I can continue on a little longer.  PS – your sense of humor could not possibly be more refreshing.

      I’ve been a little stressed lately.  Boy, is that an understatement!

      I also mentioned “too much temper” and another incident within the hour between writing one paragraph and another.  Were I talented enough, I could write several posts most days, all with some of what is mentioned above, thanks to Jacqueline Marcell.  I’m not sure why I take such comfort in knowing someone else can experience upset over the same things I ruminate so grievously over, but I do.

      I find a tremendous resistance towards letting you see how immature I am, so I am stalling, but here goes.  I am not patient with hearing things I’ve been a part of, but apparently not enough to have been noticed.  Maxine often says things I can’t believe I’m hearing.  Here’s an example and a real incident:  “the female cat came before the male cat.”  I say, “I know.  I was here.”  Then she will say, “I don’t know.”

       Now, why I can’t simply remind myself, she must indeed not know, and she’s turned inward with her own confusion, I’m not sure.  The way I hear it is:  “I can’t trust you.  Who knows but maybe you are lying about this.”

       Then, sometime later, with my speedy brain, (refer paragraph 1 of this post) I think to myself, “All I need to do is mention that it doesn’t make sense that someone who paid $1000 apiece for those cats would leave them with someone who needs their own meals prepared, heated up, served and barely can tend to their own bathroom needs.  Cats need to be fed regularly and provided a way to take care of their elimination.  WHOA.  Whoa.  Now, I really need to create a space and think.  That would be using reasoning and logic.  That, most definitely, will not, cannot fly!  Sad, it is, that I simply cannot let it go, just go.

I have found some support for myself, and will share some of that next.  Also, Jacqueline Marcell lists 10 signs of Alzheimer’s which I will share, as well, and provide some examples from my end.  It makes it so much easier to recognize what’s what with a few examples from others.


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