OK, You Silent, Uncooperative Masses, I’ll Just Pray for Myself!

      Dear Father,  Despite feeling stoked about getting the product, the old wave of “shut down” exhaustion hit last night, and I “slept” on it.
      Good thing I did.  As I pondered the “sensations” of fear and what-
ever else I was feeling as I lay abed, tired and non-enthused, I came to 
the realization that I was/am “the weakest link”.  Important for me to 
realize at the outset.  Having gone to Dan’s blog I had read his serious 
comments about how much thought (followed by action, indubitably
implied — and he very realistically aims toward 2 hours a day) is required
to make the business (of succeeding online) successful.
        Hence; I have come up with some things I am aware I need to do:
      FOCUS, which being, at least currently, a major stumbling block, may
require the assistance of my timer and post it notes sliding in at regular 
      DEMONSTRATE (to myself, at minimum) ACCOUNTABILITY which I 
hope I can accomplish by using my calendaring (by hour).
      OVERCOME FRUSTRATION at all I don’t know, especially when I am 
caught off guard again and again, over and over on a new learning curve.
Ah-ha, I can ENDORSE, I should ENDORSE, I must make it a habit to
     ‘TUDE TENDING, which is to say, mindfull observation and correction of
my attitude and my mindset as I work and as I don’t, or rather do other.
      WRITE, which has several ramifications.  Writing about this process 
could surely, at least possibly, help other “nervous” people WIN this good
fight as well.  I often come up with solutions for myself as I do write — 
KEY, KEY, KEY.  I will have a record to look back on and a pattern to 
“rinse and repeat”.
        PRAY, even bless, as I go — with FAITH and positivity.  This is meant
to be a learning process.
 It is I, who have not answered my prayers!
Thank Thee, Father — for the awareness, and for the reminder.
         The above seem quite profound to me, and I recognize I will come
up with more.  For now, though, they suffice.

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