Know the Difference Between Lose and Loose

For those who know how, this (above) should show up as the original article, just at this new location on my blog.  I decided you would rather click on the link than read through HTML tags, after following direction on inserting into the Visual, then when that didn’t work, into HTML editor, then SEARCHing Google for where do I find Code Editor button, what is something starting with a Z (I’ve already forgotten), searching through articles and getting excited about trying a new plugin (only to learn it’s no longer available) and really, the list goes on.

Prematurely, I had foreseen myself with a new triumph under my belt, so if you find yourself disappointed about having to click on a link, imagine how I feel!  I am sorry to disappoint, both you and me, but I still have plenty to learn.

I did want to comment further on confusing lose with loose.  I wonder sometimes if it is the spastic finger doubling characters combined with not going back and editing or missing it because of looking at the same material much too long, but if it really is a matter of being confused perhaps something I share might be helpful. That would certainly be my desire.

Here’s a couple sentences using both words:                                                                                                                                Do not mistake lose for loose.  You don’t want to lose a lot of change, but finding loose change in the bottom of your purse or the floor of your car can certainly come in handy.

You may or may not want to lose weight but if you do, you end up with loose clothes; so lose the weight and your clothes will feel loose.

I’ve noticed a number of hairdressers consider ponytails a look you should lose and delight in creating hair styles wherein you wear your hair loose most of the time.  As for me I do not want to lose the length in my hair and have the option of wearing it in a ponytail or loose about me.

I still intend to get the quiz thing to work to my will; the one I tried in the last post.  Hope to be back soon.



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