Hi, Folks, this is for anyone who came from my Facebook page

I really hate how I keep disappearing out of my own life. This year has been the most unusual ever. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar 25 years. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of it, there’s some new slant. The one (and just about only) thing I’ve managed over the last six months is to write 110+ blog posts. If you have missed me at all, and arrestingly (damn spell check) handsome Ben and I used to share the same last four letter moniker if we have CHS in common – yea, Broncs. That blog address is going to have to be found at my http://www.gallingrepetitivenessmaxine.wordpress.com. Forgive me if I’ve missed your halloos. Karen. . Enough galling repetitiveness for now, Please comment. MOI

If anyone came since that posting, Tuesday on 20 November, on my FB page and now — Thanksgiving Day, just know I’ve been through quite the harrowing experience learning what following and not following protocol amounts to — even if you don’t know you are not and others don’t do the same.  So, here is my suggestion if you’d like to know anything I’ve written or selected online — Google me!  I write as anacarin, too.

Also, I expect to be independently dot com here by Monday or Tuesday so I hope we’ll get reacquainted soon.  Thanks for hangin’ in.  K


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