Kar-en 2ft. from GOLD

I am aware I carry a lot of free floating, untargeted, unpretty anger.  I’m pretty much flummoxed, though, why I am so over reactive to this little (small, small, yet notas small as my own paternal grandmother — in her time) person, now so aged.


I can begin with, I suppose, that she raised, and heavily influenced the man I married, expecting it to last forever.  I’m talking, of course the man who fathered my children.  He’s also the man who asked me, after I’d lost fourteen pounds on a twenty eight day survival trip wherein I’d walked the Grand Staircase Escalante Monument, (well, a goodly portion of it, or so it seemed), eaten off the land (yeah, guess what that yielded in October) and 10 cups of (gotta make sure you don’t die out there) survival food we could pack on that long trek — one cup…

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