I AM anacarin. And I AM Human. Karen Lohof is anacarin.

Image representing Penzu as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

2800930/2574427 is meaningful to me.  And I am human.  AND, there simply has to be some way I can have larger print on this page.  Off I go, to see what I can do.  Meanwhile, you could always Google me and usually four plus pages in you can find a whole other set of my blogs you just might enjoy!

I wonder how many of you have heard of penzu?  I hadn’t heard of it until maybe a month ago.  I’m talking a dot com which is a journal site, or at least a site wherein you may journal.

It is so very close to the journals I’ve made in the past, I can’t believe it.  It appears as though you are writing on a legal pad, AFTER you opened the journal cover.

There are several additional benefits I especially like.  I like very much that it is saving several times while I am writing, while also allowing me to save if I haven’t been paying attention.  It really delights me that it keeps track of the number of words I am at as I write as well.

I can’t say how much it means to me to be able to take from this ledger and enter it in as my blog, although right now I confess to a glitchiness I’ve not experienced before so I guess every device for writing can participate in that.

But now, I want to mention something I’m not sure I’ve mentioned on this blog before.  Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone reading this post, especially this far that has not heard of the power of gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation.

I’m in an interesting place just now in the present moment.  I read the post below and followed it to the 31 Day Experiment and immediately took a walk thinking on gratitude, then came in from my walk and wrote five minutes as I had reflected on the additional importance placed on writing.  I remembered, too, that not all that long ago I had followed through on ten weeks of writing what I called Thank Thees, often 15 minutes or more in the morning to begin my day “in the Vortex” (to be explained in another post).

Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

I had pretty much decided to create some new Categories for my Thank Thees and two other other additional writing exercises that I’d found myself adding to my Thank Thees:  my Whereins, wherein in writing I create (in my mind) my life the way I want it to be, and my I AM’s where I vocalize in writing, me being and me enjoying myself as I desire.

When I said two paragraphs up that I was in an interesting place just now in the present moment, I was in the lovely position of wrestling with myself, and I’d like to say wrestling with God; beyond the gravely uneven match, I do realize on many levels it simply isn’t so.  You see, even though I’ve had a rather spectacular morning (I’d had a thirty minute walk even earlier) I feel defeated by my speakers not providing me sound.  Now I know how to look around and click a few things and move to other ports and more than you might expect but I’m under the gun (my own gun, understand) so I’m racing through this post when I like to saunter and I’m going to restart my computer and then who knows when I’ll get back and dang it all, dang it all, I’m not seeing how to be thankful and here it looked like that would be the theme of the day.

And, why am I telling you this?  I was going to invite you to join me in a new experiment and maybe God is just telling me, or you, or everybody, I am the very last person on earth to join in any effort to be better.  We shall see!  I live about (depending on which crow you fly with) about 15 – 20 miles from Phoenix.  Perhaps I shall rise from the ashes.  I do hope so.  You can always benefit from Benny (once you get to him) below.  Sayanara


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