Putting in Some Repeats Other Than Those That Are Galling!

I’ve made a couple of changes in my daily routine that I am feeling very good about.  Who knows, one of these days I will have no need for galling repeats in my life.  Funny, as I wrote that I knew immediately I wanted you to think I already had dispensed with galling repeats.  Whatever could I be talking about?  Ah, but that just would not be true, I’m very sorry to say.  There are those whose outlook on life is such that if we are still here we must still have changes we can make.  I can see some merit in thinking that way.  It does keep us all in the same soup, too, though, doesn’t it?

Mystery Repeats
Mystery Repeats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, let me just briefly tell you what they are.  I’m really only two days in to either one so not a whole lot to report yet as to the advantage they are giving me, but we can both salivate together as more time passes, I do have more to report and you can begin daydreaming and visualizing and plotting what place they may have in your life.  What do you say?

The first is simple but I wonder if very many of the rest of you have  given it a go.  I decided to walk three and more times per day.  Nothing huge.  No wild clothes or goggles or crazy shoes needed.  Simply a walk around this block here one time and around two or three another time.  Basically to warm and wake me up as we keep the house unheated but that doesn’t assure me my head won’t nod.  The fun part is I focus thought on weighing no more than 150 pounds on one and solely on gratitude for another and every other week I’m walking to my grandson’s school, then walking him back home again, Monday through Friday.

The other is simple enough, too, especially with the time expectation no more than 5 minutes at a time twice a day.  First thing (well, you know — following a few necessaries) in the morning and essentially right before going to bed at night, HAND writing thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, thanks.  And yes, there is a VAST difference between writing by hand.  I heard somewhere recently you are developing 8 neural pathways when you type and 10,000 plus when you write by hand.  What that says to me is that if I’m doing something for the intent and purpose of changing my life, I do myself a favor to allow the message to travel from finger and thumb crimped together all the way up my arm, shoulder, neck and head to my brain.

Well, this is all something to revisit with a little time to season everything in between.  I hope to see everyone back here then.


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