“Learning to Find Thoughts That Go With the Flow Rather Than Push Against the Current”

“Learning to find thoughts that go with the flow rather than push against the current”.  “This is very satisfying.”  This is all about perfecting having more joyful moments all through the new year and beyond.  May that be YOUR experience!

I’ve mentioned in the last few posts some of the efforts I’m making towards revamping myself.  One of the most difficult things for me is to  “allow ” all the good I desire (and require) in my life.  I have allowed my life to take me to judgment and being critical (and whiny) and very, very defensive.  None of that is allowing.  It is resistance.  It certainly isn’t allowing all “those others” any of my respect.  As it turns out I need to learn from those folks, if nothing else, what not to do or be.  And so, I need to learn to allow.  (The reasons are truly many multiples of that, but I know I need “step by step”.)  Here’s is one of the guides I like to use.

“Learning to find thoughts that go with the flow rather than push against the current”.  Definitely an idea whose time had come for me.  I honestly, truly would not be able to tell you where I plucked the idea that others would appreciate me noticing when I thought they were out of order and, in fact, would fall in gratitude at my feet for letting them know I did not approve of what they were saying or doing.  Imagine the pomposity of my conclusions when they rejected my view and perhaps even told me to “shut it” and I went off thinking to myself they “would come around” given enough time.

No doubt you know someone like that.  Perchance it might even be you.  Here’s the thing.  A new year is now upon us.  Many of us want to make some improvements rather than remaining same old, same old.  The innocent shall remain nameless but I once knew a woman who could not “get” what boobs were.  I came right out and clearly stated to her “they are your breasts”!  Still, the light would not turn on.  For years I have not been able to imagine how that could be.  Now, I understand.

I understand because there are concepts that apparently some part of me has no desire to own up to “get”ting.  I struggle with the concepts I share with you here in this post.  A part of me can see the concepts are simple.  Another part wants them to go away, or perhaps just be magically bestowed upon me.  I, shamefacedly confess, I kinda like having some snide, sarcastic, rude and thoughtless tendencies.  Maybe it’s like having a martial arts skill to fall back on.

Dare I hope you might engage with me.  I would so enjoy dialoging with some of you.  If you find this post to your liking, please consider giving me a “shout out” in the comments.  I will respond and I will thank you.

And, by the way, lest I have left you at all confused.  I DO desire to go in the direction of the things I want.  AND, I notice I have some (it can feel like more than some sometimes) resistance.

“There is a big difference between pushing against what you don’t want, and going in the direction of that which you do want.”


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