Last Night I Posted “Watch That Shovel! I AM Not Dead Yet!

This morning my (I should say, one of my, but he was the only one left) uncle passed away.  Interestingly, I had thought about him three times and even had the very distinct thought that I hoped my brother (who lives much nearer) would let me know if either my uncle or my one remaining aunt were to pass on.  I feel very fortunate to have a sense of certain others on the other side.  I know that it is a gift I enjoy.

Now, I should have clarified the title.  I posted it last night on my business blog.  I keep thinking about it, however, and knew I would be talking about it some more here.  I had come to a place where I knew I had finally determined my Major Definite Purpose, my Chief Aim.  You may or may not be interested but I will share what it is:  I love the intense passion that I feel about providing my sons and grandchildren an entrepreneurial example that will allow them the confidence and faith to know they can bring to their experience in life anything that will allow them to do, be or have anything they desire.

I should add to that that which they are willing to plan and work for, but my purpose in sharing it on my blogs is to keep my eye on the prize and to plan for and do the work necessary for me to do.

I can hear your mental questions, “what does this have to do with shovels and not being dead yet?  Well, my pretties, the answers are myriad.  For yesterday’s post, what I had primarily on my mind was listening to a talk by Art Williams wherein it was both pointed out that a lot of people simply run out of time and become too tired and energy deficient to accomplish what they most desire to, AND that for everyone this life is completed within the blink of an eye and next thing we know we are being planted and a shovel is atop our face.

I had already been wondering if I might be favored with enough time and energy to make good on my dreams in this life and then I was given that visual!  Laughing out loud would be appropriate commentary, here, along with taking strong note.

And, then came along this morning.  In the course of talking with my sister it was brought (again) to my attention that I had made a truly sad and sorry mistake that created a chasm between me and four of my cousins.  Considerable reflection leaves me hoping there will be enough time left before I can no longer engage anyone in conversation with me about my claim, “I am not dead yet” to remedy that.

I wish for all of you reading this post that you might enjoy reflecting on your own version of “I am not dead yet!”


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