Life is Hard and Then You Die!

I just had a real freak out experience I’m sure I could have lived without!  I’m having to admit I really can get along just fine without TV, even shows I was sure I just loved.  You will all laugh at me, but I had only recently become acquainted with ION TV.  Only recently may expand to somewhere in the last five years, time lopes along so rapidly at my age.  I’ve tried to keep tabs for some time now but it just makes me feel more the failure that my last child now has four of his own and I haven’t even seen the last two.

OK.  So to rein myself back in;  I’m living for the most part without TV, BUT I occasionally lose my grips on my reins and somehow succumb to pulling up a news channel post and lower my energy vibes by mega watts.  There is another opening available all too readily on my computer and it got me good today. reported:  “A stampede after a New Year’s Eve fireworks display near a stadium in Abidjan killed at least 60 and injured 200.”  I had an immediate concern for family that turned my stomach and I tried to settle myself a bit by orienting my world a little better.  That became too tedious and so I called family and attempted to get information without giving any until I was more clear.  That could only play out so long but by then I was fairly sure I had names of capitals and countries straightened out better.

As our world gets smaller and more of us are living farther away from others of us, I find it less and less desirable to have access to every deplorable event on the planet.  I am truly sorry that anyone anywhere goes to their death by trampling by other humans or any other creature.  If I take a few moments to reflect on my best good, I realize I do not need to know of it and it actually can do me harm.

The post before this one explains that well and how best to treat the mind in cases such as this.  [[Actually two before now that I’ve sat on this post a while.  I’m talking about “Learning to Find Thoughts That Go With the Flow . . . . “]]

What prompted me to write this post was an old thought rearing its ugly head once more.  I know there will be many of you who have heard or possibly thought this thought your own dear selves:  “Life is hard, and then we die.”  I absolutely can apply my earlier sentiment here that I do not need to keep rethinking that thought and it can actually do me harm.

The 2008-09 Melbourne NYE fireworks, as seen f...
The 2008-09 Melbourne NYE fireworks, as seen from Alexandra Gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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