Heart’s Desire, Persistence and Meow Meow

This morning’s Think and Grow Rich call may well have delivered the keys of the kingdom (I’m talking my heart’s desire) to me in the guise of a man named Super Duper Stan and a personal story he told about persistence.  The ingredients were college level friends, a napkin enlarged to board size and devaluation.                                                                 Go After Your Heart's Desire

Think and Grow Rich Call INVITE 4 your Heart’s Desire

Cover of "Think and Grow Rich, Original 1...

How many of you have a heart’s desire?

How many of you have a heart’s desire you see as something you’d like to hold mutual with family and friends?

Have you ever been beside yourself with excitement to share your heart’s desire with people who mean the world to you?

I’ve been puzzled for the longest time why when a certain individual came to mind I would find myself carrying on and on in an internal dialogue that didn’t make any sense to me.  I realized I kept working myself up over and over when I didn’t know the reason.  If I spoke with family or friends about it the absurdity would sound humiliating.  Today the answer to that conundrum was delivered and I wasn’t even expecting it.

As I mentioned I was on the daily Think and Grow Rick call.  The chapter was on persistence and the story was (unfortunately) an all too common one of looking forward to sharing one’s business and opportunity with one’s friends only to have them see your efforts (and your heart’s desire) having nothing to do with them to the exaggerated extent they turn their backs on you and leave you mouth agape..  It’s taken me a ridiculous number of years to see how common that really is.

It was a powerful story that I’ve experienced personally and more so to re-experience it through his still palpable hurt all these years later.  I’m pretty sure I imagined the windshield wipers slapping on the two hour drive he and his wife took home following the disgraceful, disregarding treatment of his friends.

What was key for me about the story was the sharing of feeling hurt to the level of saying, “it’s not worth it, I’m not going to do this anymore” (remember we are talking a heart’s desire here) and then the (again, for me) apt description of labeling his response “poor me”. That’s when my light bulb turned on, when I realized the “certain individual” I had warred with so often in my mind had disregarded my heart’s desire and with a mere shake of her head dismissed my abilities to ever “make it” online.

He went on to revive his persistence, in part building it on this experience, and  shines his light often on this call.  From now on, my short reference reminder to myself between persistence and my heart’s desire will be Super Duper Stan.  Thank you, good sir, Super Duper Stan!


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