Dear Fellow Hole Mate – Here Are My Ears

Interesting you would write the words, treatment resistant depressionSounds like a definite catch phrase to me.  Sounds like a definite “put off” to me.  Sounds like, “Here, you take this back now that I can’t think of any more to offer you right now (besides you’re not lapping up what I’ve offered already) and we’ll try again when you’re feeling better”.

What sounds most spot on to me is the word “resistant”.  And, that has its very positive aspect — at least you are responsive!

Of course, this not being the moment when you wrote what you did, who knows but what you are flying high and happy — giddy, unresponsively not taking accountability — such is the nature of our delightful illness.  We both know all too well there are multiple scenarios.

Please excuse me just a moment to catch any confused readers up to speed.  This post is in response to a fellow bipolar in a bleak and black funk (at least at the time she wrote the response I am responding to).  I am exceptionally selfish and I enjoy her writing so much I sometimes think the only way I can keep from responding to every forth or fifth post is to lock up my computer and never read her again.

She’s very young, at least in comparison to you know who, and considerably wiser and smarter, and never needs anything I might be able to offer but the pull for me to reach back to her in response to some of what she writes and offer what I think I can is too great for me to resist.

OK.  Back to being in that hole!

I applaud you that you spoke out what you most need.  You are welcome to go to my Facebook number and give a call anytime, although with my paranoia you may want to text first that you will so I’m not going – HUH? to the Canadian accent.  I do feel I’ve learned a number of good listening skills and sometimes I can even apply them.  Best thing is I am WILLING and I understand what you are saying about that as a need, desire and sometimes, prerequisite.

Alternatively . . . .

I’d like to share something if I may.  I am a fan of Abraham and will add a video to this that will have to do with the premise:  “There is nothing more important than that you feel good”.  Now, the part that I’d like for you to be able to benefit from and that applies to the post you wrote that instigated this one is that there is a technique that can be applied, ANYTIME, to create a result of feeling better.

I’ll throw out an example from my portfolio of hole moments here:  “I will always have to live with having been weak when so and so needed me to be strong”.  What I understand to do is to be general (not at all specific) and better that thought (lighten the angst).  I might try, “It does feel good she’s always been understanding and strong, made it through just fine and never blamed me”.  Upon that thought, I might build:  “I’ve always been blessed in my life with the most sterling of friends.”  And, it can go on and on, until you can smile again or even dance or sing again.  You know I always wish that for you.

How to Improve on Thought
How to Improve on Thought



All right, dear friends.  May we all enjoy our lives much more!  Kar-en, Anacarin, Karen, matey!


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