I AM Renewed, Having Found Neville Goddard

2014_June04 BEGIN At Your Command

Consider that there could be commands you could use on yourself to expand your life in ways you’d like to!

2014_June04 2 of At Your Command NG


Or woman.  Man or woman.

2014_June04 3rdAtYourCommand NG


2014_June04 4thAtYourCommand NG

An interesting and viable picture.

2014_June04 5thAtYourCommand NG

These excerpts are all taken from Neville Goddard’s book, At Your Command.  You, too, can obtain a free copy of the book.

2014_June04 6thAtYourCommand NG

Just, by chance, if you have been hoping to manifest that which you desire in life, and, if you’ve never heard of Neville Goddard, you have just received the merest minutest taste.  Seek him out.  You will find it worth it in a most awesome way.


2 thoughts on “I AM Renewed, Having Found Neville Goddard

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