In Remembrance of One of Your Inner Gifts_Mindset

We can all take a moment and celebrate here.  We all have a mindset.  Thanks to all the lucky stars, we all have a mind.  I’ll bet you’ve thought more, mentioned more, been grateful more for your mind.  Which is good, of course; however when you look for success, the mindset (which happens to be under your total control — so long as you are conscious) is like wearing the right power suit.  It’s a must that it is you, and your intention, are either powering your boat or setting your sail.

First, a sort of heads up.  I was unaware of this until recently and you may be, too.  There are two types of mindsets.  The first is somewhat unformed.  It is the mindset any of us may have if we’ve never been drawn to think much about our mindset.  It’s a mindset of others about us and in us from our backgrounds.  The majority of us have this mindset the whole of our lives until some kind of tragedy, accident, major drama, or until we decide to make a major change having decided to go after a dream or special opportunity.  I consider it a default mindset.

The other is called a growth or incremental mindset, the mindset you want to have to have success changing your life from what is common and seems “natural” through generations in your family to the high tech, information overrun world found on the World Wide Web.  If you’re reading this on the internet, you likely have a strongly held opinion about your own mindset.  Can it be tested or found out by others in some way?

Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and she has much to say about the two mindsets.



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