Openings and Opportunities Afforded by Self Confidence

Opportunity forms affinities much more easily and quickly with self-confidence than it does with egotism.

When You Know You Can
Self Confidence Has a Voice All Its Own

If you have Self-confidence those around you will discover this fact. Let them make the discovery. They will feel proud of their alertness in having made the discovery, and you will be free from the suspicion of egotism. Opportunity never stalks the person with a highly developed state of egotism, but brick-bats and ugly remarks do. Opportunity forms affinities much more easily and quickly with self-confidence than it does with egotism. Self-praise is never a proper measure of self-reliance. Bear this in mind and let your Self-confidence speak only through the tongue of constructive service rendered without fuss or flurry. ”    Napoleon Hill

Sometimes, you may want to wonder if some people are born leaders or positive thinkers. NO. Being positive and staying positive is a choice. Building self esteem and drawing lines for self improvement is a choice, not a rule or a talent.             David Elefant on

Self-confidence is one of those qualities we can fool ourselves about, and it’s not often talked about beyond the cursory, “yeah, I got it!”

Smiles All Around
Great Way to Gauge When Your Self-confidence is Robust







Voila!  Who knew?  When you’re comfortable enough to bring out your humor, that pretty much tells you your self-confidence is well-seated, does it not?

So many of our other qualities mesh well with self-confidence, too.  Being able to relax with yourself, being able to forget about yourself and focus on others, being able to produce quality work, feeling free to mingle and join in, unhesitating decision making.  I’m sure others are speeding through your brain as you read this.  Feel free to comment and share.

Like maybe every other thing about us, self-confidence has its ebbs and flows.  Sometimes it seems the worst possible time when we realize we are feeling doubt in ourselves.

I found myself recently creating a mantra for myself to stiffen my spine a little when that occurs.  As they say on Criminal Minds, “we all breathe the same air.”  Too, duly noted, we are all made from earth — on the same planet.  And, surely, we can all believe there’s at least one thing we can do that the folks around us can’t do, worthy of praise or no.

With those three pieces, under my belt, I find I can choose to go forth and offer a portion of myself in present company, and then turn my attention to others to see what they have to offer me.






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