What Do I Have to Do?

What do I have to do — to create the change I so desire and have desired for so long?  I wailed in one of my “Halloo, God, are you there” moments yesterday afternoon after a day that felt full of frustration.

I remembered reading recently, as I began this post, that we manifest all the time and need to acknowledge our manifestations to ourselves.  That certainly makes sense.  My much admired mentor, Neville Goddard says, ” . . . but if I deny my imagination having anything to do with it, I’ve returned to sleep again!”

Having that readily in mind, I want to acknowledge here and now that a manifestation came in answer to that cry.  An elegant answer, I believe, as I finished listening to a video I had begun listening to on the weekend.  That had come about as I asked the spelling of the last name of someone a friend referenced to me that I hadn’t heard of before.

I did a google search for Matt Kahn and settled on a little shorter video of the choices before me:  Why You’re Not Screwing Up the Law of Attraction|Matt Kahn |Whatever Arises_Love That.   Whatever Arises_Love That is a book Matt put out this year of 2016.

I said it was a little shorter video, but it was 58 minutes and 22 seconds, none the less.  So much of the time I’m online I need to break things up to get to them at all, but I’m pretty sure there was Divine inspiration/interruption involved in the timing of this, as well.

I realize I AM speaking of a single word, and that word is context.  I’m certain I’m in the majority when I say that a lot of us halt ourselves when we observe trouble in our path, when things begin to go wonky, when — if we kinda, maybe, sorta think God or the Universe gives us signs to “stop that”.

On one of the mindset calls I listen to the five days of the work week, we’re reading one of Neale Donald Walsch’s books, and in listening, I found myself riveted to my spot by hearing the Universe must respond to our desires for expansion and our dreams by surrounding them with the context of all we see in opposition to them.  That’s a long ways from a direct quote and after my pondering that a few days, there’s a lot of me in that.  But, and I wouldn’t be sharing this on this post otherwise, I’m betting that more of us can find ourselves caught off guard in it.

Sure, we need contrast to come to know what we want.  Example:  You make it painful enough to try to talk with you, by avoiding the crux of my questions, and I’ll eventually move on; and my moving on will be no matter how much I desire you.

Don’t some of us see contrast as the devil, not even bothering to wear a disguise?  So, sure, once we know what we want and we’re heading for it, if we get crap-a-doody dumped on our head deep enough to get our attention, our first thought may well be that we’re dealing with more contrast.

What a revelation, to consider we’re being given a fresh chance to look at all we’ve been excusing ourselves with, what we’ve been seeing as stop signs, what we haven’t found  a new place for once our dream is in place and operating.  And, what about the people around us?  Are we going to want to change some of that?  Perhaps, another word for context is clarification.  We’ve all been told we must get really, really clear.

With all that in mind, I began to listen much more intently to the above mentioned video, and came away exhilarated that I had three new tools and a real understanding of how important they were toward answering my anguished question, “what do I have to do?”

I already “got it” that I needed to do some redirection with regards to my subconscious mind and what places it took me to, the 95% plus of the time I knowingly or (mostly) unknowingly abdicated control to it.

Here are the tools I took away from the very new and astonishing information I learned from Matt Kahn’s video:  Loving myself and making that a very clear message for my subconscious, t a k i n g  m y   t i m e (which has not been my wont to do) in much more of what I do, and changing it up in my daily activities.  The change up in my activities can be as minor as changing which sock I put on first.

My intent for this post has been to change some information with you that I feel is going to be explosive (in a good way) in my life towards my goals and intrigue you in either a book, or a video or a mindset call:  Journey to Magnificence 10:00 AM Eastern, 712-775-7085, 150703#.

I’d love to hear from you regarding the new information about how to apply the Law of Attraction, Matt Kahn’s video, the piece about “context” from Neale Donald Walsch, and especially if you have benefitted towards “What Do I Have to Do?”


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