Hi, folks!  I’m Karen Lohof.  I write sometimes as Ani or Anacarin.

When I began this blog I was staying with an outlaw mother-in-law, meaning to a was band — no longer husband, you needn’t know which; and she was in stage two Alzheimer’s. With my over two decades bipolar, often that was a feisty mix.

I knew she did not want to end up in a care center, which I could absolutely relate to, and felt my timing of having decided to work from home learning to make money on the internet could benefit us both.  You can get a feel for how that worked out in the first twenty (I think) three or four posts.

Going Online to Learn
Going Online to Learn

For the last dozen years or so, I’ve recognized I often think in titles for my posts.  I’ll have an experience or a conversation or listen to other folks dialogue and something will come to mind and I’ll feel excited to write about it.  A lot of what I’ve written since on this blog has come about through that means.

I have other blogs about the web which can be found Googling my name or Anacarin.

I welcome you and hope you’ll comment and share and I will have the opportunity to know about you, as well.

Thanks for stopping by!  Karen


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