Are You, Like Me, Someone Who Might (Just Possibly) Be Hoarding Clutter?

Hoarding Clutter — Doesn’t It Just Send Shivers Up Your Spine?

Just writing the words, “hoarding clutter” does some not very nice things my body is happy to convey to me.  I am talking much more than “shivers”.                                                                                     (Graffiti and Hoarding Clutter Have Similarities to Me) 

I’ve created another page here to help me bridge a learning gap, a character deficit, and just in general propel forward.  I know one of two things will apply here:  Either you will never in a hundred million years be able to guess more than one of those two things (as it applies to me, and heaven forbid if the application might be to you as well) or, I will be able to count on you to keep it very hush hush.  And, I thank you!

Graffiti (Photo credit: NguyenDai)

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