Follow Your Fear and Make it Your Triumph

Remember Napoleon Hill and his best seller, Think and Grow Rich?  Many of us still study it regularly.  Did you know that close on its heels, he wrote a book called Outwitting the Devil that was not published until 2011, over forty years after his death?  Initially he was motivated by those who wrote to … Continue reading Follow Your Fear and Make it Your Triumph

Mindset and Do I Need to Work On Mine?

I have been able to see attitudes similar enough to my own to know many of us like to think we've already arrived in regards to our mindset. And, so, dear reader: Can you ever recall being absolutely DEAD WRONG about yourself in your life? In third grade, I told my teacher I wouldn't need to do speed reading like the rest of the class. I tested out next to slowest reader. Many of us, no matter what our age or position, are certain we need not work on our mindset. May I submit, DEAD WRONG, again! Mindset that aids you best requires at minimum daily attention.